Let's be the change we want for Africa !

Let's be the change we want for Africa !

Support our crowdfunding campaign

Support our crowdfunding campaign

60 days to help young Cameroonians to positively change their future !

Why a space for technological and social innovation in Cameroon?


It's been 13 days since we embarked on this incredible human adventure that will last 60 days.

60 days of hope to give the opportunity for the Young and Women of Cameroon to positively change their future.


Why Cameroon?



Cameroon, often called Africa in miniature, Countries of the emblematic footballers Roger Milla and Samuel Eto'o and the national football teams (female and male) that make the pride of a whole continent. National teams like the Cameroonian youth with incredible potential, but who needs to be supervised and to move in an environment that will stimulate his creativity and help him create his own opportunities.

A territory of immense cultural wealth, with more than 250 ethnicities and local languages, and located at the crossroads of Central Africa, West Africa and North Africa. This youth has all the assets to become an actress of a winning Africa!


Creating an area of technological innovation in Cameroon, will allow to aggregate all these skills and all this creativity in this space and to use the latter to transform positively Cameroon.


Our project will complement the offer of support for local entrepreneurs who are still embryonic and will help create an ecosystem that will promote the emergence of a local Tech that will stimulate the digital transformation of Africa, improve the competitiveness of companies, attract Investors and create millions of sustainable jobs through new technologies and digital.


Our Campaign is still far from its goal, but no panic, we will get there, We are African Champion laughinglaughinglaughing


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You are our best ambassadors!


Our Young Team says Thank you, and see you soon!


Yves Cédric, Nicaise, Marthe, Ludwick, Jean Vincent, Etienne, Christian, Adele Vanessa, Yvan, Hervé